Becoming more visible online, despite having a physical store and not an e-commerce, led to more customers IRL for Badrumsspecialisten - which increased its turnover by 84%.

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The customer

Badrumsspecialisten sells exclusive bathroom fittings to private individuals and companies. It is a long-established family business with a showroom in central Stockholm where you can get help with a personalised and unique bathroom.

But long gone are the days of physical stores only. Today, an online presence is a must if you want to grow as a business.

The mission


The problem for Badrumsspecialisten was an outdated website that neither reflected the company's identity nor contributed to their online visibility. A Google Ads campaign that didn't produce any results and was just bleeding money didn't help matters. Elvira Karlsson works with administration and web at Badrumsspecialisten and has had a lot of contact with them. seodr. in our co-operation.

- Help with the website is important. We're not an e-commerce site, it's more of a page that displays our products. We have a wide range of products for all categories in a bathroom, from basin mixers to customised bathroom furniture and tiles. It is important for us that it is visible to potential and existing customers," she says.

Badrumsspecialisten gave seodr. the confidence to develop a new, high-performance website that showcases all the great products for the right customers.

So did seodr.

seodr. developed the website and built in smart SEO from the start, optimising the website for relevant keywords. This was possible because seodr. always involves the whole team from scratch, web developer, designer and SEO specialist. Badrumsspecialisten was visible on about 500 keywords on Google and with the help of a new sitemap and search behaviour analysis it was secured to be visible on more. A new logo was developed, as well as a new graphic profile.

But maintaining a high-performing website is a constant work in progress, which is why Badrumsspecialisten, like many others of the seodr.s customers also have ongoing maintenance contracts.

The result


If we may say so ourselves, it was a stroke of genius on the part of Badrumsspecialisten to get help from seodr. and thus take the plunge with SEO and a new website. In the first years, the turnover of the family business increased by 84%!

And other results were not long in coming. Immediately after launch, organic traffic increased by 800% and a year later we saw an increase from 3900 unique visitors per month to 6200.

The customer has also experienced a steady growth in indexed keywords and is now at around 9000. Elvira Karlsson follows the development with great interest in regular reports.

- We get long excel documents with data. The last report showed that it has gone up since last summer and it's good to see that it's improving!

Long excel documents with data may sound intimidating to some, but seodr. are always on hand to explain the numbers.

- Everyone has been nice and explained everything at once. And it hasn't been a problem to ask other questions. I feel that it is a good co-operation, everyone at the seodr. have been helpful. Both the web team, the SEO specialists - and now with Google Ads.

The plan going forward for Badrumsspecialisten is to start advertising via Google Ads with a Performance Max campaign.

- We are excited to see the results of it," says Elvira Karlsson.

3.5 years after its launch, the seodr. to develop Badrumsspecialist's online visibility and is constantly taking new positions on important keywords with high search volume. And the purpose of the whole project reflects the most important result.

- The most important thing for us is that we have become more visible on Google and more accessible. This allows us to offer our wide range of products to more customers, helping them to realise their dream bathroom," says Elvira Karlsson.

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