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Unlock the front door at the touch of a button on your mobile phone, book premises or services and pay. FlexAccess has the technology that completes the everyday puzzle, access solutions in various combinations and services. But despite good products, which many people need and use, FlexAccess missed out on market share by not being visible enough on Google.

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The mission


FlexAccess was not satisfied with its former web agency. An acquaintance told CEO Jonny Arvola about seodr.

- She was working with a client whose website seodr. built before, and said that "they know what they are doing", he says.

Jonny Arvola organised a meeting with seodr.

- We had a completely different reception compared to the other agency, it was informative and clear. Then there were no doubts anymore, so we switched to seodr.

FlexAccess decided to make a new start together with seodr. and build a new web where SEO work was woven in from the start.

So did seodr.

We at seodr. saw great potential in the collaboration early on when we were entrusted by FlexAccess to build their new website. The problem was clear. FlexAccess was not reaching new customers via Google - despite a great product.

When our SEO specialist conducted the initial search behaviour analysis, we quickly realised that there was a huge amount of untapped market to work with. At the time, they were mostly visible on Google searches for their own brand and product names, such as FlexyKey and FlexySun. In the beginning, the process felt big to Jonny Arvola.

- But everyone has been so responsive. I have set high standards for the web, and no one has ever grumbled. They've been clear about what's possible and what's not - but they've never said no.

In consultation between the web department and the SEO specialist, a new page structure was outlined, in which seodr. ensured that all important keywords would be captured. Keywords with great potential to drive leads.

The result


The new keywords were given landing pages with content created by our SEO copywriter. This led to FlexAccess getting lots of first positions on Google. We could see traffic increase significantly - and that led to many more enquiries via the website. Jonny Arvola has noticed this.

- "The keywords we have chosen to focus on have seen a clear increase in calls," he says.

9 months after launch, organic traffic has increased by around 50%. In addition, the site became stylish and with user-friendly design combined with perfect SEO, the website is rewarded time and again when Google makes new updates to its algorithms.

As a result, FlexAccess is steadily climbing and reaching new ranking and traffic records. Jonny Arvola is pleased with the co-operation with seodr.

- The reconciliations make it clear. Every month I receive reports and regular feedback, and seodr. checks from all sides that the project list is being followed," he says.

On seodr. web developers, designers, SEO specialists and copywriters work together from the start. This allows us to deliver websites that are both user-friendly and high-performing.

- "Everyone I've been in contact with is very good at what they do and they communicate well, I'm impressed," says Jonny Arvola. "When I see someone asking for advice on agencies, I always refer them to seodr. It is the reception and knowledge of the SEO work that seodr. is sitting on that does that, because no one else I've talked to has. I want to direct anyone who is floundering around in the SEO darkness to seodr.!

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