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New site and SEO improved the flow for Lyma, which increased organic traffic by 764%.

Pumps, valves, pipes and tanks - Lyma Kemiteknik specialises in flow technology with large, well-established customers in the toughest industries. But their website was dated and underperforming, and Lyma was missing out on an important channel to new customers.

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The mission


- We wanted a new website and were told about seodr. from a sister company. seodr. felt like a professional partner who understood our needs," says Magnus Gustavson, CEO of Lyma.

But with a market across the Nordic region, we realised at seodr. quickly realised that it was not just a website. Meeting the needs of Norway and Denmark required a site with text content in our neighbouring languages as well.

Like many other established companies, Lyma relied heavily on telephone and walk-in sales. This meant that they were missing out on an important channel of business.

Our mission at seodr. was to develop a new website with text in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. And by building the website with search engine optimisation as part of the project from the start, we would lay the foundation for online success - and more customers for Lyma Kemiteknik.

So did seodr.

Med seodr.Lyma was able to take the plunge and invest in the new website as the most important channel for doing business. This includes investment in SEO - search engine optimisation and also online advertising via Google Ads.

- We have had a project group with the different competences of the seodr.and regular reviews both physically and digitally. We have embarked on the project without a strict deadline, but have said that it can take as long as it takes - but that it should be 100 at launch. Things that are good can take time," says Magnus Gustavson.

He has trusted the process throughout the journey and it has paid off.

- But it has been important to have someone with us who works continuously with this, and I feel that it gets better the more time we spend. Then both parties feel committed.

The result


A new website built with integrated SEO and with new and improved content produced by seodr.s copywriters proved to be a very effective combination for Lyma.

  • From the start in February 2019 to 2023, we could see an increase in organic traffic by as much as 10 per cent. 764%
  • The number of indexed keywords on Google has gone from 415 in 2019 to 2210 in 2023, an increase of 432%

seodr. has also built Lyma's websites in Denmark and Norway, and this has increased sales there too, leading to other positive outcomes.

- The investments we have made have had a major impact on our market in Norway and Denmark. We have gained new customers, but have also been able to hire more salespeople in Denmark.

Digital development is moving fast, and with a 2019 site, it's now time for the web developers at seodr. to develop a completely new site for Lyma. The aim is to increase sales more and keep up with technological developments.

- I feel that the team at seodr. listens to us and gives us tips, it feels professional and I appreciate that there is a sense of the visual, so it looks good!

Magnus Gustavson, who himself made contact with seodr. via a tip, would personally recommend seodr. to others, especially thanks to seodr.s ability to understand the 'customer's customer'.

- Yes, I would! I think Peter and the team speak the language we understand. We are a sales company and it is all about giving value to our customers, they should have a pleasant experience of the company Lyma. And I think this is a common thread when we talk to you, you understand our customers," says Magnus Gustavson.

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