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As you probably know, the web and your website collect a lot of information that can be analyzed, compared, and broken down to the smallest detail. But if you don't have the proper SEO tools, collecting all this data takes up valuable time.

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We give you insight into how your end customers demand your company's services and products online

We at seodr. works with the absolute best SEO tools available on the market today.

Using these tools, we analyze your industry and conduct a situation analysis. Based on this data, we then decide what actions need to be taken to achieve the goals and visions we set together.

Guidance, reporting & training

We see picking the "raisins from the cake" and guiding, reporting, and educating our customers as a central part of the entire analysis work. The results are not just about delivering numbers and statistics, but more importantly, creating insight and strengthening your understanding of the most relevant path to choose, to achieve the best possible ROI (Return On Investment).

Then comes the competitor analysis, i.e. a deep dive into your competitors' visibility on Google. Why might they rank better than you on certain keywords?

Data-driven decisions

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The best analysis tool on the market

We get answers to this through our spectrum of the market's best analysis tools, both well-established platforms such as Google Analytics and less well-known SearchMetrics, to name a few of the analysis instruments we work with.

At the touch of a button, you can present your visibility and that of your competitors based on several parameters. All in all, this gives us the best insights and strategic basis for successful SEO optimization and development of your business.

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