SEO optimised and good text content makes your website interesting.

It's all about quality: a text that is well SEO-optimised increases your chances of appearing on Google, and a well-written, high-quality text gets your visitors interested in your business. Optimisation and text therefore go hand in hand throughout your digital marketing.

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What is good SEO copy?

Traditional copy means texts written for marketing purposes. Texts that describe your company's activities and services in a good and interesting way, with the aim of communicating information and ultimately attracting more consumers.

SEO copy is everything that traditional copy is, but with some key differences: Search engine optimised copy is designed based on what your target audience is looking for and how they phrase themselves when searching for services or products similar to yours.

In addition, the texts are customised for a web audience and their way of consuming text. There are major differences between how you read a printed text and how you read a text on the web.

A search engine optimised copy-text is:

  • Informative and interesting
  • Adapted to your organisation's target group
  • Customised for a web audience
  • SEO-adapted both structurally and in terms of tonality

At seodr. we write copy such as:

  • Texts for your website
  • Product texts
  • Campaign texts
  • Advert texts
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions

Good copy is essential to increase your website's ranking and trust - both with Google and with your target audience.

Your visibility depends on many things, not least technical measures on your website, but the texts are the content that will articulate your core values: Why should the visitor stay on your website?

We know you have great services and messages to convey. We at seodr. formulate and optimise these to get your target group interested, read on - and stay on.

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