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Digital advertising allows you to get your message across in multiple channels simultaneously. Text and images reinforce each other and help you achieve your goals - whether it's brand awareness, creating engagement with your customers or generating sales.

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Our digital advertising services


Google Ads

Google Ads increases traffic to your website - we make sure it's the right traffic and that the hits lead to increased sales.

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After many years in the industry, we know that every company has different needs.

On seodr. we specialise in B2B marketing but we also have solid experience in B2C.

In short, we understand the difference between advertising sunglasses and industrial components. And we can do both.

Interested in what we can do for you?

We can help you with everything from setting up an ad account to ongoing optimisation, and offer support with ad budgets. Read more here about digital advertising, or contact us directly with your questions!

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Advertise digitally and reach your target audience where they are.

The big difference between traditional and digital advertising is that you can reach people in record time with digital adverts. With automated processes, it literally takes minutes. This means that adverts are also flexible - they can be changed even after publication.

Both ex ante and ex post adjustments can be made:

  • What the advert looks like
  • How often the advert should appear
  • Who should see it, where and when

How to save money with digital adverts

By paying to be visible to your target audience, you increase the chance that they will visit your site when they see that it is high up in the Google search results. If you offer what they want, they are more likely to book a meeting, call you or make a purchase.

A big advantage of digital advertising is the cost - you only pay if someone clicks on your advert. By customising the content for the target audience, you increase the chance that the click will also lead to a purchase in the end.

Why you should invest in digital advertising


Currently, you may be producing and distributing print advertising or radio and TV adverts. Of course, you don't have to stop your traditional marketing; digital adverts can be seen as a complement. But you will quickly realise where your advertising money is getting the best return.

Virtually the entire population of Sweden uses the internet on a daily basis. Everyone Googles, hangs out on social media, and makes purchases online. Your customers are there, so it only makes sense that your business is too.

Book a meeting with us to discuss how you can get the most out of digital advertising.

What is digital advertising?

Different ways to pay for online visibility for your target audience.

You reach the customer at the exact point in the buying process where they are, without interrupting them with your message. Instead, the advert reaches the customer when they are, for example, searching for information on where to buy your product.


  • Search engine advertising - getting to the top of your target audience's search results on Google
  • Display adverts
  • Ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, X

How to choose the right advertising platform?

You can start by asking yourself how your customers use the internet. If they are like 90 % of the rest of us, they probably use Google on a daily basis, often both privately and in their professional role. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is often a good place to start. With our expertise in digital advertising, you get a web partner who holds your hand through the entire process, from start to follow-up. You know your customers - we know how to reach them!


Which advertising platform is right for me?

Google Ads is often the obvious first choice and there are many reasons for this. The next step can be advertising on social media. Many people may think of LinkedIn as a given platform when they want to reach their target audience in their professional role. And that's not wrong, but - your target audience is on the internet even in their spare time. Many people use Facebook daily and respond positively to the advertising they see there.


How to choose the right advert format?

The first thing to clarify is which platforms your target audience is on. Think about traditional advertising. It's pretty pointless to advertise your sausage factory outside a community college full of vegans, right?

Second, determine the purpose of the advert. This could be to build brand reputation, attract new customers or new partners. Based on this, we'll help you choose the format that is most appealing to your target audience.


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