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seodr. is a web agency in Gothenburg that offers services in web development, web design, UX, SEO and copy.

A well SEO-optimised text increases your chances of appearing on Google; a well-written and qualitative text gets your visitors interested in your business. An SEO-optimised text therefore always goes hand in hand with your entire digital marketing. With us, SEO is a natural and integrated part of the production of your new website - the website structure is SEO-optimised together with the text.

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At our web agency, we build and develop websites in WordPress. It is considered the CMS platform that is easiest for you as a customer to use and it does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur.

All the websites we produce are responsive, which means that we adapt your website for computers, tablets and mobiles. Mobile-friendly websites are also rewarded by Google and have become an important ranking factor along with many other factors.

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You are always welcome to contact us when you need our help. Visit us at Götabergsgatan 1, between Vasaplatsen and Avenyn.

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"To get to the optimal solutions and become high-performing, you have to work with data-driven decisions."


Everything goes hand in hand - that's what makes a good web agency!


In the first phase of the web project, we invite you as a client to a kick-off meeting. After that, we make a search behaviour analysis and a sitemap, i.e. a map of your new or existing website. Then we start the design phase with a strong focus on UX.

Our designers and web developers are involved at an early stage to provide a solid foundation. If you have an existing website that you want to keep, new pages will be added, and the texts on the page need to be SEO-adapted.

The penultimate piece of the web project puzzle is the launch of your new website - once it's launched, we add the very last piece of training and evaluation. Your feedback is invaluable for the development and improvement of your website.

Start-up meeting

We at seodr. invite you to a start-up meeting - this can take place both digitally and on site at our web agency in Gothenburg. The meeting is usually attended by

  • a web designer
  • a copywriter
  • an SEO specialist
  • a developer
  • a project manager, also known as an account manager.

During the meeting, it is important that we get a clear picture of your company and your company's website. Among other things, we talk about

  • objective
  • competitors
  • expectations
  • target groups
  • USP:ar

Search behaviour analysis and sitemap

After the meeting, we start with a search behaviour analysis and a sitemap. This is your SEO specialist who carries out the search behaviour analysis, which helps us understand the themes and intentions behind the keywords. How relevant the keywords are to your business, search volumes and how competitive the keywords are. Based on the search behaviour, we develop a sitemap. The sitemap forms the backbone of your website and makes it easier for search engines to discover content. When the sitemap is ready, an internal review is done with the team - then a client meeting is booked where we present the sitemap to you.

UX and design

Once the structure is established, the design phase begins - with a strong focus on UX. Our design is based on your goals for the site and what you want your visitors to do. Here it is important to have a user-friendly site that is easy to navigate so that your visitors stay. A well-functioning website is also part of SEO and contributes to higher rankings in search results. We also work with design proposals where the UX designer draws a number of interconnected pages in a design programme. The pages will be perceived as a functioning website with clickable buttons and other intended functions. The advantage of a design proposal is that it is a good way to identify flaws and make improvements before launch. At this stage, it is also possible to show what the final production may look like. By using design proposals, we reduce the threshold between design and development so that the designer's many plans for UX become clearer to the web developer.


With data-driven decisions and the web agency's strong team, UX and SEO strategies are determined. These decisions are also reflected in the design phase together with UX design, web design and web development. By collaborating with you as a client in our design tool, we will together develop a web design that suits you, your target audience and your website. During the development phase, you get access to a development domain to be able to follow the progress of the project. With continuous reviews, we ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place during the development phase. Together with our Google-certified SEO specialists, our design team creates smart and modern solutions for your website. Here, SEO is an obvious and integrated piece of the puzzle. You get a stylish and functional website with modern features and a look that fits today's requirements for digital presence.

Content and population

A web project at seodr. often also leads to new content on the site. New pages are added and existing texts are improved and optimised with SEO. We at seodr. also have the capacity to help with image material and photography, but often this is something that companies want to bring in externally.


Once we've covered all the points, it's time to review the site with you. We review the old site and re-point it to the new site. We'll go through every aspect of the site, making sure that everything works properly and that you know what you need to use it. Before launch, we'll help you find a good web host to maintain the performance we build during the development phase.

Training and evaluation

When the site is launched, we book an appointment where we train you as a customer in using WordPress. During the session, we go through how the site is structured and how to publish new content or edit existing content. We also evaluate the project. The feedback we receive from you is incredibly important to us so that your website can continue to develop and improve.

And then what?

It's easy to think of SEO as a one-off, but SEO is an ongoing process that requires evaluation and optimisation - and new content. It's a continuous process where we have to constantly analyse and update. So once your site is launched, we're happy to make sure it continues to convert, and we can design and write content based on your requirements.

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